Professional Development / Short courses

Professional Development / Short course applications and enrolment

You have three options for applying and enrolling in our professional development short courses.

  1. Enrolling through the Sydney School of Public Health
    (for most Professional Development short courses)
  2. Enrolling through the course-specific process
    as set by the coordinators (see the main Professional Development page)
  3. Enrolling as a non-award student
    (formal enrolment in units of study not part of a degree)

1. Enrolling through the Sydney School of Public Health

Enrolling through the School is a more informal type of enrolment. You can only enroll in a small number of courses in this way. Enrolling through the School means that:

  • you may be expected to complete assessment tasks (check with the coordinator of your course whether this is the case) and you may be given a ‘mark’ for your results
  • your results will not be retained, nor will they be recorded on an academic transcript
  • you may receive a certificate of completion
  • you will not be able to claim credit for this unit towards one of our degrees, now or in the future.

How to apply through the School

Complete a Professional development application form (PDF).

Fax or mail your completed form to:

Office for Teaching and Learning
Room 329, Level 3
Sydney School of Public Health
Edward Ford Building (A27)
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia
T +61 2 9351 4366
F +61 2 9036 6247

Application forms CANNOT be accepted by email due to University Policy.

Application deadlines:

  • For Semester 1 courses - no later than 31 January
  • For Semester 2 courses - no later than 31 May

2. Enrolling through course-specific processes

Enrolment for the following Linked Data course is via the Linked Data application form:

  • Introductory Analysis of Linked Data

Enrolment for the following QUAL courses is via the VELiM enrolment page:

  • Advanced Qualitative Health Research (PUBH5500)
  • Qualitative Methodologies & Study Design (QUAL5002)
  • Ethics Qualitative Research: Analysis & Writing (QUAL5003)

3. Enrolling as a non-award student

This is a formal enrolment. You will need to apply through Sydney Student and follow the complete enrolment procedure. Enrolling as a non-award student means that:

  • you will be expected to take part in all learning and assessment activities
  • you will receive an academic transcript
  • if you fail the unit, for example by not submitting compulsory assessment tasks or by failing them, an AF (Absent Fail) will be recorded on your academic transcript
  • you will pay the standard university rate for the unit of study
  • you will be able to count the unit of study towards one of our degrees, as long as you do so within two years of completing the unit

How to apply as a non-award student:

To apply for candidature in a coursework program at the Sydney School of Public Health you must complete the online application form. Before submitting your application, please ensure that all parts of the online application form have been completed.

For all students - Domestic and International
Online application form

Application deadlines:
You should apply for non-award enrolment as early as possible to make sure you have completed your enrolment and can access the course resources well before the course starts.

Timetable information.