Plan your studies

Your degree program and study options

Use the timetables, units of study, offical handbooks and fees to determine your degree program and study options.


The timetables are for the current academic year.

They are an indication only of possible availability of units of study, their times and locations. They are subject to change between years and during the semester.

Units of study

Each coursework degree program will consist of compulsory and elective units of study.

To show you all the units of study within a teaching area of Public Health, the link will take you to the top level degree available. If you are doing a shorter program i.e. at Diploma or Certificate level not all units will be available to you.

See the Professional Development units for short or online courses without enroling in a full degree or study program.


Handbooks are the official source of information on degree and other study programs; their structure, admission, progression and completion requirements.

Professional Development units are available through the faculty and are described on the
Public Health website.

Tuition Fees

Fees are different for domestic and international students. Some scholarships are available.

Professional Development unit fees are not supported by the Commonweath and are payable in advance.