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The Sydney School of Public Health offers an extensive range of degrees for students from both health and non-health backgrounds. Whether you are looking to build skills in clinical research or biostatistics, pursue a career in public health, pivot towards health policy or explore bioethics, we have a course for you.

Public Health

Kathryn's story
Master of Public Health, current student

Kathryn, Master of Public Health, current student


"The Master of Public Health offers great flexible study options which have enabled me to continue living and working interstate whilst completing my degree.

It's really rewarding to know you can have a positive impact on people's lives. My team and I are doing that by implementing policies that are evidence based, and an effective and efficient use of public funds."

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International Public Health

Greg's story
Master of International Public Health 2007

Greg Fox - International Public Health

"When I finished the Master of International Public Health, I moved to Vietnam and worked on a collaborative project between the University of Sydney and the National Tuberculosis Program to enhance detection of tuberculosis.

One of the strengths of the course is the diversity of the students. There are people from health and non-health backgrounds, and they brought who whole range of different perspectives to our discussions.

I hope to continue to work alongside our colleagues in Vietnam and other countries to try and transfer skills and research and to build the capacity of doctors to answer their own questions."

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Clinical Epidemiology

Winnie's story
Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) 2016

Winnie - Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology)

"The clinical epidemiology program at Sydney Medical School is uniquely designed to be both highly practical and very challenging. The combination of clinical and public health aspects in this program make it perfectly suited for practitioners working both at the point of care and the policy levels.

The University of Sydney expanded my leadership potential and provided a valuable network of friends, academics and staff. The staff has been very supportive in every aspect of my stay, both academically and emotionally. I received amazing support, guidance and collaboration throughout my studies.

I have acquired tremendous practical health research skills that built my confidence to establish a core cancer research team at the National Cancer Centre in Cambodia.”

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Health Policy

Tathra’s story
Master of Health Policy, current student

Tathra Chai - Health Policy


"My fellow students come from such diverse backgrounds. This has enriched our learning from each other as well as from our lecturers.

I've now got greater insight and stronger skills to understand how health policy affects different sectors of health, and how these sectors can work better together to affect more positive change."

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Ling’s story
Master of Biostatistics 2011

Ling - Master of Biostatistics



"Some of my colleagues had already completed this program and were very positive about it so I decided to look into the course. It was very well designed to cater to the needs of students from different backgrounds, specifically, to study biostatistics systematically. The subjects were delivered online which not only makes it possible for me to juggle work, study and family commitments, but it also gave me access to the best teaching staff across all of Australia.

The Master of Biostatistics provided me with the opportunity to fill gaps in my statistical knowledge and enhance my understanding of other topics. The subjects on epidemiology and public health were very enjoyable, practical and relevant to my work as a biostatistician. This course has significantly enhanced my career prospects and in the future I am keen to apply my statistical and research skills in a range of different areas and develop my career as a statistician and researcher.

I highly recommend the course to those interested in biostatistics, epidemiology, and public health."

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Indigenous Health Promotion

Corey’s story
Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion 2014

Corey - Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion



"In my 10-year working career, I've been lucky enough to work in the education sector, law enforcement sector and now the health sector as a Health worker. Deciding that my time as a health worker is what I enjoyed most, I knew that to pursue a career in the industry I had to up-skill and gain an appropriate qualification that would hopefully provide me with opportunities upon completion. That's my professional reason for enrolling in the Graduate Diploma. My personal reason is to be a role model for my children and family members and also for other young people within my community who are contemplating going onto higher education.

In this course I've really enjoyed meeting and learning about the other participants and their communities. The highlight for me was listening and learning about the various types of programs/projects the others are running in their communities and how I can take certain aspects and implement them in my own community."

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Julia's story
Master of Bioethics 2017

Dr Julia Jones MBBS (Hons) FRACP

“I was working full time as a nephrology registrar in the year before starting my Masters in Bioethics. My role included caring for patients with end stage kidney disease who were confronted with decisions about dialysis, kidney transplants and in some cases, following a palliative approach focusing on symptom management. I also cared for people who sought to help those with end stage kidney disease by donating a kidney. Working with people in these situations raised a number of ethical issues and inspired me to want to learn more about resolving ethical dilemmas.

The Master of Bioethics has taught me about different approaches to tackling ethical issues in my work. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about and then discussing difficult ethical concerns with my fellow students. It has been valuable hearing different perspectives from people with diverse professional backgrounds helping me to form balanced views on difficult problems. Studying a Masters in Bioethics will help me to be the kind of kidney specialist that I aspire to be.”

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