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Public Health - includes MPH Professional Practice

Ben - A really good complement

Ben tells why he completed a Master of Public Health between completing his medical studies and the benefits for other medical students who do the same.

🕓 2:02 minutes

Julianne - Real life situations

Julianne talks about her study experience and her decision to undertake the Professional Practice program.

🕓 1:57 minutes

Allan - High quality work

Allan tells why he chose the pathway from medicine into Public Health.

🕓 1:53 minutes

Neil - Where I want to go

Neil, talks about his journey and taking on the Professional Practice Units.

🕓 1:46 minutes

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International Public Health

Liz - The most important part

Liz, a recent graduate talks about her career path from discovering her passion, to her work in Asia as a International Public Health professional.

🕓 1:53 minutes

Alexandra - The world needs you

Alexandra's journey included setting up a business to follow her passion; maternal and children's health.

🕓 1:35 minutes

Naj - Thinking out of the box

Naj, an international student, tells what attracted him to the Sydney School of Public Health and the Master of International Health program.

🕓 1:56 minutes

Hayley - Amazing experiences

Hayley talks about her career aspirations and her amazing classmates in the MIPH program.

🕓 1:43 minutes

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Cathy - An interactive learner

Cathy reflects on her Master of Biostatistics program and meeting the challenge of online study.

🕓 1:51 minutes

Jason - A portfolio of work

Jason describes the advantages he's gained from completing the Master of Biostatistics.

🕓 1:53 minutes

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Clinical Epidemiology

Tom - The human effects

Tom talks about his pathway from Science to a medical research career.

🕓 2:00 minutes

Georgia - Understanding research

Medical Intern Georgia tells how she is completing her Masters online.

🕓 1:48 minutes

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Qualitative Research

Rebecca - For my country

Rebecca talks about her experience in health research in Papua New Guinea and her aspirations for herself and her country.

🕓 1:58 minutes

Wendy - A richer understanding

Wendy explains the key points of qualitative health research and the impact it will have for her work and career.

🕓 1:44 minutes

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Health Policy

Yupar - A better outcome

Yupar talks about her future and why she chose the University of Sydney's Health Policy Masters degree.

🕓 1:38 minutes

Jo - A perfect course

Josephine talks about the Master of Health Policy program and what it means to her personally and professionally.

🕓 1:58 minutes

Paul - New ways of thinking

Paul has just commenced his Master of Health Policy degree. He tells what attacted him to the course.

🕓 1:38 minutes

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Indigenous Health Promotion

Take on the challenge

Corey tells how the block study mode works..

🕓 2:01 minutes

My life this year

Julie describes the impact her studies have had on her work and life.

🕓 1:39 minutes

Just do it! - Student Life

What it is like to come to Sydney University to study?

🕓 2:45 minutes

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