Alcohol, Drug Use and Health - Professional Development Courses


Alcohol, Drug Use and Health develops an evidence-based understanding of the epidemiology of alcohol and drug use and its impact on health and the effectiveness of methods for prevention and management of related problems.

The fuller course develops advanced skills in research and in management of clinical services in relation to alcohol and drug use disorders, and to examine the needs of special populations.

Courses are delivered through a combination of face to face workshops and online activities.

Students unable to attend face to face workshop can do the entire course online.

A detailed timetable will be available on the Unit Blackboard Learning site.

There is no need for purchase of a text. Readily available references and resources will be made available on the Unit’s Blackboard Learning site.

Course aims

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Enhanced skills in appraising literature and other information sources in the drug and alcohol field
  • An evidence-based understanding of the magnitude and nature of problems related to substance use
  • An understanding of evidence for the efficacy of strategies for prevention and management of drug and alcohol related problems on a population scale
  • Enhanced ability to assess the efficacy of key treatment modalities

The longer course will develop skills essential for management and research in relation to drug and alcohol problems:

  • Understanding commonly encountered methodological issues in research into substance use
  • Development and management of quality health care and preventive services
  • Understanding the role of relevant government authorities


Dr Carolyn Day is interested in all areas of drug and alcohol and addiction medicine, she has extensive research and teaching experience in the area of injecting and illicit drug use and blood-borne infection.

Key interest /areas of expertise include:

  • illicit drug use epidemiology and markets
  • treatments for opioid dependence
  • Injecting drug use
  • hepatitis C epidemiology, prevention and treatment
  • hepatitis B vaccination


Workshop dates:
Saturday 30 August 2014 and
Saturday 11 October 2014

Application deadline

Semester 2 courses - 31 May
Late applications may be considered.

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