Professional Development

You can study with Sydney School of Public Health without the need to undertake a full Masters degree or Graduate Diploma to improve your skills in public health. Our courses:

  • increase your chances of promotion within your current workplace
  • enable you to obtain the skills you need to transfer to a different position
  • increase your competency and level of job satisfaction in your current position.

Some courses are offered as two-day or four-days workshops. Others are available one night a week for several weeks (usually seven). For the specific structure of a unit of study, please refer to the individual unit description.

Professional development short courses

Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics courses:

Course Semester Offered
Introductory Analysis of Linked Data  Semester 1 and 2
Evidence Based Medicine for Basic Physician Trainees  Semester 2
Modern Statistical Learning  Semester 2

Bioethics courses:

Course Semester offered
Introduction to Ethical Reasoning (BETH5101) Semester 1
Bioethics, Law and Society (BETH5104) Semester 1
Clinical Ethics (BETH5204) Semester 1
Human and Animal Research Ethics (BETH5202) Semester 2
Ethics and Public Health (BETH5203) Semester 2
Ethics and Mental Health (BETH5205) Semester 2
Arts in Health (BETH5207) Semester 2
Medicines Policy, Economics and Ethics (BETH5209) Semester 2

Qualitative Health Research Methods courses:

Enquiries for these courses can be directed to the Qualitative Research Methods Program Coordinator, .

Course Semester offered
Qualitative Research in Health (PUBH5505)  Semester 2
Advanced Qualitative Analysis & Writing (PUBH5506)  Semester 1

Health Policy courses:

Course Semester offered
The Business of Health (HPOL5006)  Semester 2

Making Decisions in Clinical Practice Workshops:

This series of three workshops will be offered in 2019 and can be taken as a group or individually. Registration will open in January 2019 for the Semester 2 workshops.

Course Semester offered
Using Evidence in Decision Making (Workshop 1)  Semester 2, 2019
Shared Decision Making Tools (Workshop 2)  Semester 2, 2019
Health Literacy (Workshop 3)  Semester 2, 2019

Non-award short courses

Almost all individual units of study from the following areas can be taken as short courses via non-award enrolment - formal enrolment through Sydney Student; see Units of Study and then Full units of study list after each link below:

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