Tobacco Control in the 21st Century (PUBH5418) - Professional Development Course


Tobacco Control in the 21st Century will provide state-of-the-art critical understanding of significant issues in populationwide aspects of tobacco control.

The unit consists of learning topics, each of which is supported by extensive Web based resources, and 4 moderated online discussion forums, each focusing on a problem related to tobacco use and control. Lecture topics include: history of tobacco use and control; the burden of illness from tobacco use; second hand smoke: the research evidence; measuring tobacco use, uptake and cessation in communities; international trends in tobacco consumption; the tobacco industry; the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and; new forms of tobacco advertising and promotion.

Problem focused discussion forums include: Harm reduction and tobacco control, regulation of tobacco, improving and implementing pack warnings; promoting smoking cessation, prevention of uptake (youth programs); normalisation of the tobacco industry; controlling advertising; and controlling exposure to tobacco smoke, making news on tobacco and influencing political policy on tobacco.

Course aims

At the end of the unit students will be able to:

  • Explain the history, epidemiology of tobacco use and disease and the burden of illness from tobacco use
  • Describe social, cultural, legal and economic aspects of tobacco use and tobacco control
  • Argue for and defend a population perspective on the goals, objectives and strategies of tobacco control
  • Identify and analyse the main current policy debates in tobacco control
  • Identify, analyse and plan strategies and effective interventions for tobacco control in whole populations
  • Critically assess issues in future directions for tobacco control


Unit coordinator:
Dr Becky Freeman
School of Public Health


30 and 31 July and
3 August, 2015

Application deadline

1 June

Please note there is a high demand for this course. Apply early to avoid missing out.

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