Grant Schemes for Research Students

The School Research Committee administers a range of research grants to support research students enrolled within the School of Public Health. These include:

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

The PRSS is managed by HDRAC. For further information visit their website.

Research Student Grants Scheme

This is a School administered funding scheme. Research students can apply to this fund to top up their PRSS applications. The School's Research Committee has also recently agreed to allow students to apply to this scheme for the purpose of receiving funds to help cover the cost of open access journals.

Who should apply for the RSGS?

  • Students who cannot apply to the PRSS, for example, because they've reached the maximum number of successful applications during their candidature, or have expenses not covered by the PRSS.

  • Students seeking to "top-up" their PRSS application.

  • Students seeking funding to publish in open access journals (as this category of expense is not covered by the PRSS)

  • Students enrolled in the department of Public Health.

Where requests for grant money exceed funds available (this is nearly always the case) the Committee will rank applications as follows:

  • Applications for research field expenses, specialised software, laptop purchases for field work and international conference expenses will be ranked higher than purchases of books and periodicals, purchases of computers or other equipment (for non-field work needs), and thesis production expenses.

  • With regard to conference expense applications, third year (FTE) students will be ranked higher than second years, who will be ranked higher than first years.

  • Applicants who received money last year will be ranked lower than those who did not receive funding last year. Being ranked lower can result in either receiving no funding or a partial top-up.

While the maximum top-up available is $1,200 per application realistically students should expect to only receive a modest amount due to the fact the funding schemes are heavily subscribed and the Committee aims to be as equitable and transparent as possible in distributing these funds.

All questions about this scheme should be directed to

Remote Student Grant Scheme

The School of Public Health's Research Committee implemented a funding scheme specifically for remote students enrolled with our Lismore and Broken Hill campuses and based in Australia. This scheme will provide up to $1,000 per student per year to help with the costs associated with meeting face-to-face with Sydney-based supervisors or to attend training courses not available locally.

The timing of these visits would ideally coincide with some of the compulsory postgraduate seminars held during the year. The scheme will operate by reimbursing students for travel and accommodation costs. Students must provide a budget outlining expenses. Costs must be minimised e.g. early registration, discounted fares, moderate accommodation. Original receipts will need to be retained and submitted for reimbursement.

* Students must be enrolled in a PhD or MPhil degree in the SPH with the Lismore or Broken Hill Campus..
* Applicants must be based outside of the Greater Sydney area (including Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Newcastle).
* Applicants must have a letter from their supervisor supporting their application.
* Applicants must declare what other forms of support they have access to (eg other grant schemes, research grant funding or scholarships) and applications will be ranked on a needs basis.
* Any funds awarded through this scheme must be spent and claimed by December of each year.
* Applicants may only make one application to this scheme per year.
* Students must provide a budget outlining expenses. Costs must be minimised e.g. early registration, discounted fares, moderate accommodation.
* Original receipts of all expenses claimed from the School must be kept.

Maximum of $1,000 per year.

Announced twice annually: Semester 1 and Semester 2 (if there is money left over from the first round).

All questions about this scheme should be directed to

Collaborative Research Student Scheme

A funding scheme is available to foster the work of collabortive research student groups with the School. These groups will be able to apply for funds, on a competitive basis, to support their operations. Funding may be provided for items such as payment of honoraria for guest speakers, domestic airfares, taxi fares etc.

* The application is from an established group.
* The group has a good history of meetings & attendance.
* Funds will be used to improve education and cohesion of the group.
* If the funds are to be used for an educational event, the application must state the minium numbers of students that need to be registered to make the event worthwhile and identify registration and possible fee arrangements to ensure student commitment.

Maximum of $2,000 per year

Once a year - late October

All questions about this scheme should be directed to

Cross-cultural public health research award

Provided there is a candidate of sufficient merit, the Award is made annually to support research on public health issues affecting Indigenous Australians or refugees or recently arrived migrants to Australia. This Award is open to Public Health students of the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney.

The award will be offered annually and more than one award may be made in any one year.

Applications will be assessed by a panel of three academics, two nominated by the Research Committee of the School of Public Health at The University of Sydney and one nominated by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Western Sydney.

Criteria for assessment
a) Academic merit and research potential (taking into account the applicant’s career stage) as assessed from:
* Number of publications published or in press and/or marks for any coursework subjects completed
* Progress with research since degree commenced
* Quality and relevance of the research proposal

b) Financial need:
* The difference the award would make to their ability to undertake their research
* Other sources of funding they have received
* Attempts they have made to acquire other sources of funding

Conditions of award
* The award is open to full and part-time students for the degrees of Master (by research), PhD, or MD in public health in the School of Public Health, The University of Sydney, or at the University of Western Sydney.
* The award is open to scholarship and non-scholarship holders
* The award is tenable for one year only, but a student may apply again in a subsequent round
* A report must be submitted to the Head of the School of Public Health at The University of Sydney within 12 months of the award being granted.

Maximum of $5,000