Research Degrees

Why research?

A research degree is highly prized by employers, governments, health care providers, research institutes and univeristies.

As a research canditiate you are actively involved in advancing science while following your intellectual passions.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degrees by research are available across all the research areas of the School of Public Health.

Application process

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Write your research proposal
  3. Find a supervisor
  4. Preparation of your application.

Written research proposal

Your proposal should be a maximum of two pages long.

It should be clearly set out and establish

  • a context for your research and
  • demonstrate the need for it.

Show that your study will meet this need, and how it will do so, that is the method(s) you will use.

Questions to get you thinking

Before you search for a supervisor for your degree, see if you can answer some of the following questions.



Purpose of Information

What is the public health issue?

Orientate the reader by giving some general background to the topic

Why is the issue important?

Justify your research by explaining to the reader why this is an important area of research

What do we know about the topic in general?

Provide the reader with a context for your research by giving a brief summary of past research

What are some of the weaknesses in our knowledge about the topic?

Justify your research by showing gaps, weaknesses etc.

What are you going to do about these gaps?

Give the reader a general statement about the purpose of your research