Prospective Students


Who we are
We are a bunch of highly motivated inquisitive individuals passionate about making a difference in cancer radiotherapy. The people in our group come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from world renowned medical physicist Professor Paul Keall, experienced radiation oncologists (i.e. cancer doctors), mathematicians, professional software developers, PhD and Masters students and students from the Sydney University Talented Student Programme.

What we do
Our diverse backgrounds allows for the incubation of creative ideas and “thinking outside the box” of traditionally accepted cancer radiotherapy conventions. We undertake exciting projects like designing advanced radiotherapy devices which are cheaper and can make cancer radiotherapy accessible to more people in the developing world, implementing novel medical imaging modalities that allows us to visualise the human body and cancers better and we recently developed an advanced imaging modality that tracks tumours in real-time, which currently holds the world’s record for being the most accurate.

Our Aim
In a nutshell, we aim to develop and implement novel technologies in cancer radiotherapy that has the potential to vastly improve clinical outcomes.

Who you are
We seek talent from a very diverse range of backgrounds. You can be a highly inquisitive undergraduate student or even a software developer well advanced in your career. If you are motivated, inquisitive, passionate about science and contributing to cancer radiotherapy, we want you! For more information, please contact Professor Paul Keall or Julie Baz.

Prospective Opportunities

For current opportunities, please refer to our list of current projects to obtain a better idea of what we are currently working on.

For future opportunities, also first look at the list of current projects. And if you think you have an idea that can add to our body of work, we would like to hear from you.

Also check the Sydney University Research Supervisor Connect tool to see if a particular topic you have in mind is available.

Alternatively, if you feel passionate about an idea, just get in touch with Professor Paul Keall and let's discuss as we are interested to hear from you.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships can be obtained from various sources. The University provides scholarships for students of the following categories:

  • Undergraduate student scholarships can be found here.
  • Postgraduate research scholarships can be found here.
  • Scholarships specific to the Sydney University Medical School can be found here.
  • Scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students can be found here.
  • For general information about scholarships at the Unversity of Sydney, please click here.

RPL KickStart Entry Programme

The Radiation Physics Laboratory Programme is an introduction programme to the
Through this programmme, new students in the Radiation Physics Laboratory can expose themselves to the different sub areas of the group learn about the broad background of medical physics before deciding to specialize in any one area. As an example, a programme lasting one year could be structured as follows:

  • International collaboration in real-time tumour tracking - How to find the tumour and adapt to its changes in position and shape during cancer radiotherapy
  • CT ventilation - Investigating a new functional imaging modality and defining its role in radiation oncology and respiratory disease management
  • MRI-linac program - Investigation of the feasibility of implementing a radically novel radiotherapy device in the future
  • Audio-visual biofeedback - Investigating human-computer training interactions and their impact on respiratory reproducibility along with the implications for medical imaging and targeted therapy

Keep in mind that the content and duration of this introductory programme can be custom tailored to suit the needs of the student.