Nano-X cancer radiotherapy system

There is a shortfall of 5000 radiotherapy machines in the developing world (1) "Most low and middle income countries simply can’t afford the complex radiotherapy equipment that’s currently on the market and costs over four million dollars." Massoud Samiei, Director of the IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (2).

To address this shortfall, a futuristic compact cancer radiotherapy system 'Nano-X' has been designed and is being built through Australian Government (ARC LIEF) funds. The system is much more compact, lighter and requires fewer moving parts and a smaller buidling size than existing cancer radiotherapy systems.

The Nano-X will also be used to facilitate a variety of innovative research projects from scientists and clinicians in the Sydney region and beyond that are not possible on existing clinically used cancer radiotherapy systems.

Nano-X Cancer Radiotherapy System

Artist's impression (A) and transparency (B) of the Nano-X Cancer Radiotherapy System

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