Nano-X cancer radiotherapy system

Radiotherapy is vitally important in over half of all cancer treatments. Amortised over the lifetime of the system, it is the most cost effective of the treatment options. But therein lies the rub. Right now, the world needs an estimated 9,000 extra radiotherapy machines. Major obstacles to this include the often prohibitive capital costs and the operation of a highly complex system in remote and rural regions that are all too often devoid of technical and professional staff.

Using frugal innovation, we have invented the Nano X: a novel radiotherapy system, which delivers best practice treatment at about 10% of the cost of current best practice treatment machines.

Our solution is an engineering innovation that aims to drastically simplify the radiotherapy machine and to deliver a plug-and-play approach. Conventional radiotherapy machines require a patient to lie motionless on their back while a 3000kg X-Ray system revolves around them. Our solution does away with the revolving gantry, and instead – simply and gently – rotates the patient on a custom-designed couch.

The Nano-X prototype is funded through Australian Government (ARC LIEF) funds and is currently being built. It will be housed at The Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre (Randwick, NSW).


NanoX Research and Development : we need you!

We are looking for outstanding postgraduate students across physics, engineering and IT to join the Nano-X team and help to solve a range of challenging and innovative problems. If you are interested in doing a Masters or PhD in any of the broad topics listed below, please contact Dr Ilana Feain

  • Quantification of organ motion and deformation of rotating patients.
  • Development and optimisation of real-time tumour tracking for radiotherapy
  • Commissioning of the Nano-X prototype and plans for development of a first dedicated clinical centre.