Continuing Education Program

Promoting resilience and post-traumatic growth following injury - One Day Seminar - 10th November, 2016

JWCRR Research Forum 2016

Ian Cameron - Introduction to 2016 JWCRR Research Forum

Ian Cameron - Enhancing recovery after motor vehicle crashes - evidence informed interventions

Ashley Craig - Putting the psychosocial back into biopsychosocial

Glenn Pransky - For motor vehicle crash injuries, what can we learn from workers compensation recovery research

Grahame Simpson - Knowledge Implementation and NSW BIRP

Lisa Harvey - Physiotherapy management of spinal cord injuries

Michael Sullivan - Perceptions of Injustice Predict Poor Recovery

Robyn Tate - Resources to improve evidence-based clinical practice in traumatic brain injury

Skye McDonald - Moving Ahead to better the lives of people with traumatic brain injury

JWCRR Research Forum 2015

Summary of the keynote speakers

Ashley Craig - Breath rate control and managing chronic pain

Ian Cameron - Clinical approaches to musculoskeletal injury

Ian Cameron - Research informing scheme development

Bamini Gopinath - Understanding chronic pain following injury

Alex Collie - How can we achieve a public health approach to injury compensation

Ashley Craig - Mental health of bicyclists following a road crash

Ashley Craig - The struggle to cope with spinal cord injury when transitioning into the community

Nieke Elbers - Why claims managers are scary

Bamini Gopinath - Social outcomes following musculoskeletal injury sustained in a road traffic crash

Lisa Harvey - Evidence base for physiotherapy management of spinal cord injury

Jagnoor Jagnoor - Health Outcomes after injury

James Middleton - Translating research into practice Improving the management of pain after SCI

Darnel Murgatroyd - Legal representation in a compensation setting

Michael Nicholas - Pain and recovery after musculoskeletal injury

Michele Sterling - Whiplash Latest evidence for rehabilitation and recovery

Robyn Tate - Measuring outcomes after TBI

Robyn Tate - No work no play makes Jacks life dull

Yvonne Tran - The Influence of Psychological Injury on Claim Settlement