Our innovative cancer research has led to world-leading advances in cancer prevention, the treatment of melanoma, our understanding of telomere biology, and the supportive care of people living with cancer.

Research is the critical driver to improve cancer control. Our researchers are focused on gaining a greater understanding of cancer cell biology, which will lead to new strategies in cancer control. They are also engaged in conducting clinical trials of promising new approaches to treat cancer using our network of clinical schools located at hospitals throughout metropolitan Sydney and country NSW.

Thanks to this work people with cancer are living for longer, and with a better quality of life than ever before and each achievement brings us closer to the eventual control of this devastating disease.

The theme is lead by Professor Graham Mann

Cancer Research Network

The Cancer Research Network links cancer researchers in the University of Sydney and its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes and institutions to build high quality cancer research capacity and achieve international cancer research excellence in areas of strength.

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