Developmental Physiology Laboratory

Within: Bosch Institute, Discipline of Physiology

Head of laboratory

Research conducted by this laboratory is related to the cellular processes occurring during development of the embryo before implantation, including fertilisation, cell division and cell differentiation.
In particular, this laboratory is studying the regulation of ion channels during development and whether they are involved in progression of the cell cycle.
This laboratory has recently demonstrated the existence of a novel cell cycle clock, in early embryos, which functions independently of the nucleus. This laboratory is currently investigating the intracellular signalling pathways involved in regulation of this clock and how it is linked to the nuclear cell cycle.
This laboratory uses techniques such as patch-clamping, molecular biology and methods for studying protein expression.

Current research

  • Inhibition of gene expression with antisense oligonucleotides
  • Expression of ether-a-go-go related potassium channels during development
  • Cell cycle regulation of ion channels in early embryos
  • pH regulation in early embryos
  • Expression of circadian rhythm genes in early embryos