Research highlights

At Sydney Medical School we are dedicated to improving human health through translational research and innovation at the highest level.

Our research is focused on both discovery and translating discoveries into improved healthcare, with major research programs in diseases and health challenges of national and international significance.

With a large research portfolio spanning basic science to the genetic causes of disease, clinical medicine and public health campaigns, our programs produce high-impact research that addresses the most important global health issues and challenges in our areas of research strength.

Research videos

Learn more about what our researchers are discovering and our contributions to the field of medicine in these videos featuring some of our leading researchers and academics.

How to prevent sudden cardiac death in the young

Professor Chris Semsarian looks at how we can prevent sudden cardiac death in otherwise healthy people.


How to prevent childhood infectious diseases

Professor Cheryl Jones talks about childhood infectious diseases and provides useful tips on the ways parents can help prevent infection in their children.


Sleep: why it matters and how to get more of it

Professor Ron Grunstein talks about the importance of sleep, factors that reduce sleep quality and how we can improve sleep health.



How does sunscreen work?

How does sunscreen work and what do the numbers on the bottle really mean? Professor Diona Damian brings to light everything you need to know about sunscreen.

Recent award recipients

Our students are supervised by outstanding and committed clinicians and researchers in our centres, schools and affiliated institutes and hospitals.

The contributions of some of our researchers have been recognised industry wide. Here are some of the awards and acknowledgements they have received.

Professor Roger Reddel

Professor Roger Reddel wins medical research award

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has awarded the Neil Hamilton Fairley Medal, 2017 to cancer researcher, Professor Roger Reddel.

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Professor Steve Vucic

Professor Steve Vucic receives the Eric Susman Prize

Neurologist Professor Steve Vucic has been awarded the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ Eric Susman Prize for his pioneering work over the past five years to identify the mechanisms that underlie motor neurone disease (MND).

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