Laboratory of Neuroglycobiology and Sensation

Within: Bosch Institute, Discipline of Anatomy and Histology

Head of laboratory


Neuropathic pain associated with nerve injury is notoriously resistant to currently available forms of therapy. The Lab of Neuroglycobiology and Sensation uses a model of nerve injury to investigate the damage-induced sensory dysfunctions experienced in human neuropathic pain conditions and relates this dysfunction to changes in neurons and glial cells in the peripheral nervous system and the spinal cord.
Cellular changes are assessed using immunohistochemistry followed by fluorescence microscopy and images are captured for analysis and assessed against behavioural data. Our current research is assessing the efficacy of targeted cell death as a novel treatment for the unrelenting pain associated with nerve injury.
This involves selectively killing the cells which appear to play a role in the transmission and maintenance of chronic pain with the hope that removing these cells from the equation will give insight into some of the specific mechanisms underlying chronic pain and ultimately equate to novel and more effective pain therapies.