Aims of the SCRIBE 2016

Publications that describe a study involving a single participant appear frequently in the literature of many fields within the behavioural sciences. The SCRIBE 2016 provides authors, readers and reviewers of single case design studies that are published in scientific journals a tool to maximise clarity, transparency and completeness of such reports.

  • Authors may use the SCRIBE 2016 Explanation & Elaboration (E&E) to assist with writing up their study.
  • Readers and reviewers may use the SCRIBE 2016 Checklist to evaluate if the conduct of a study is reported so that it is easily understandable what was done (clarity), how it was done (transparency), and if all information is provided in sufficient detail (completeness).
  • Editors may require that authors follow the SCRIBE 2016 for submission to their journal, in order to improve the scientific reporting of single-subject research.