The SCRIBE 2016 E&E

E&E refers to "Explanation and Elaboration". In this publication, the content of the SCRIBE 2016 Checklist is explained in detail. For each checklist item, a rationale for inclusion of the item in the checklist is provided, and its importance for scientific reports of single case studies is elaborated. The items are also accompanied by examples of adequate reporting found in the literature.

The E&E should be used in conjunction with the SCRIBE 2016 Checklist. This will assist in ensuring that all crucial information about a study is covered adequately when writing up single case research for publication.

Download the open access SCRIBE 2016 E&E from Archives of Scientific Psychology.

E&E citation:
Tate, R. L., M. Perdices, U. Rosenkoetter, S. McDonald, L. Togher, W. Shadish, R. Horner, T. Kratochwill, D. H. Barlow, A. Kazdin, M. Sampson, L. Shamseer and S. Vohra, for the SCRIBE Group (2016). The Single-Case Reporting Guideline In BEhavioural Interventions (SCRIBE) 2016: Explanation and elaboration, Archives of Scientific Psychology, 4(1): 10-31. doi:10.1037/arc0000027.