SCRIBE 2016 Guideline

SCRIBE refers to “Single-Case Reporting guideline In BEhavioural interventions”.

The SCRIBE 2016 is a reporting guideline that provides authors of single-case research with a tool that specifies which information about their study is essential in their published report.

The guideline contains a set of items, each covering important aspects of single-case study design and conduct which authors may wish to consider and address in their report. The items reflect a minimum standard of reporting and were derived during an extensive consensus procedure, involving international experts in the field of single-case research. Read more on the development process of SCRIBE in the SCRIBE 2016 Statement.

Numerous reporting guidelines are available and are accessible via the The key purpose of all guidelines is to improve the scientific literature through clear, complete, and transparent reporting of how studies were conducted.

The SCRIBE 2016 Checklist, in conjunction with the accompanying SCRIBE 2016 Explanation and Elaboration document, can assist authors in writing research reports that are clear, complete and transparent.

The wide dissemination of the SCRIBE 2016 is supported by the 10 journals that have co-published the SCRIBE 2016 Statement. Find a journal that co-published the SCRIBE 2016 Statement to cite in your research article.