The SCRIBE 2016 Statement

Co-publishing journals

The SCRIBE 2016 Statement paper introduces the SCRIBE Checklist. It describes the methodology that the SCRIBE project used in the development of the Checklist. The Statement paper was co-published in 10 journals to facilitate the wide dissemination of the SCRIBE 2016 across the behavioural sciences. Below is a list of the journals that have co-published, in alphabetical order. To download the publication, follow the links to the open access SCRIBE 2016 Statement from the journals’ websites. Please consult the Explanation & Elaboration (E&E) document for in-depth information on each SCRIBE Checklist item.

Statement citation:
Tate, R. L., M. Perdices, U. Rosenkoetter, W. Shadish, S. Vohra, D. H. Barlow, R. Horner, A. Kazdin, T. Kratochwill, S. McDonald, M. Sampson, L. Shamseer, L. Togher, R. Albin, C. Backman, J. Douglas, J. J. Evans, D. Gast, R. Manolov, G. Mitchell, L. Nickels, J. Nikles, T. Ownsworth, M. Rose, C. H. Schmid and B. Wilson (2016). The Single-Case Reporting Guideline In BEhavioural Interventions (SCRIBE) 2016 Statement