History of the scheme

The Summer Research Scholarship scheme was established in 2004 by Sydney Medical School Research Committee based on a scheme developed at the ANZAC Research Institute.

The scheme is part of a strategy by the Medical School and its affiliated research institutes to increase the number and quality of postgraduate students by targeting top science, medicine and veterinary students early in their university enrolment before they decide on a research field for their PhD.

The aim is to interest these students in a research career and it is hoped that, by establishing ongoing relationships between students from the University of Sydney and other institutions and researchers, this will translate into an interest in postgraduate studies in the future.

The Summer Research Scholarship Scheme is modelled on similar schemes by the National Heart Foundation and the Australian National University and is a well-targeted, cost-effective way of recruiting postgraduate student in the medium term.

In 2005 the scheme won the Vice-Chancellors Award for Support of the Students Experience.

The Dean’s Prize was introduced in 2007 as a way of raising the profile of the program within the Medical School and showcasing the high quality of the science that was being done by the scholarship holders in their projects.