The Dean's Prize

The Dean’s Prize was introduced in 2007 as a way of raising the profile of the scheme within the Medical School and showcasing the high quality of the science that was being done by the scholarship holders in their projects.

This year's Dean's Prize seminar was hosted by the Kids Research Institute at The Children's Hospital Westmead on 13 March 2012. Eight students were selected to give presentations about their research projects to compete for the Dean's Prize.

The Dean's Prize was awarded to Andrian Yang for his project Bioinformatic analysis of the human beta globin genes under the supervision of Clinical Professor Leslie Burnett at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Due to the high quality of the presentations two students were awarded second place: Sarah Kim for her project The Role of RANK in Breast Cancer Cell Growth under the supervision of Dr. Yu Zheng and Associate Professor Hong Zhou at the ANZAC Research Institute; and Sophie Hale for her project Evolution of pertussis epidemics and effect of genotypes on infection outcomes and
under the supervison of Dr Nicholas Wood at the Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School.

The other students nominated, all of whom gave excellent presentations to the seminar, were:
Sophie Christodoulou
Sara Jaffer
Desmond Ka Kit Li
Lauren Meredith
Doachen (Carl) Tong

2012 Dean

2012 Dean's Prize Winner Andrian Yang with Sydney Medical School Dean, Bruce Robinson

Previous Dean's Prize Winners

2011 Dean's Prize Winner

Kathryn Hulme How deep is a deep breath?
Supervisor: Dr Cheryl Salome and Mr David Chapman, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

2011 Dean's Prize Second Place

David Tunnicliffe Gender differences in myocardial response to Ischemia-Reperfusion
Supervisor: Dr Anastasia Susie Mihailidou, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Northern Clinical School

Jessica Tong Lamin A/C Deficiency is Associated with Fat Infiltration of Muscle and Bone: A Proposed Model of Sarco-Osteopenia
Supervisor: Associate Professor Gustavo Duque, Nepean Clinical School.

2010 Dean's Prize Winner

Lucia D Wang A new approach to the prevention of neonatal sudden unexpected death in NSW
Supervisor: Professor Heather Jeffery, School of Public Health.

2010 Dean's Prize Second Place

Martin Hong- IGFBP-3 glycosylation status: A potential sensor of ER stress
Supervisor: Dr Steve Grkovic, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Northern Clinical School

Candy Pang- An analysis of Australian public media (newspapers and television news stories) on HPV vaccination
Supervisors: Dr Spring Cooper and Dr Julie Leask, National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

2009 Dean's Prize Winner

Michael Smith - Acute rheumatic fever presentations in a tertiary paediatric centre
Supervisors: Dr Yvonne Zurynski and Professor Elizabeth Elliott, Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, Children’s Hospital at Westmead

2009 Dean's Prize Second Place

Emily King - Novel molecular targets for diagnostics of Infectious Diseases
Supervisors: Dr Vitali Sintchenko and Dr Neisha Jeoffreys, Western Clinical School

Athina Pirpiris - The urethral motion profile as a predictor of stress urinary incontinence
Supervisors: Associate Professor Hans Peter Dietz and Klara Shek, Nepean Clinical School.

2008 Dean's Prize Winner

Dominic Balasuriya - The roles of a-actinin-3 in bone cells and bone tissues and the effects of its deficiency in bone density and strength
Supervisor: Dr Nan Yang, Institute for Neuromuscular Research, Children's Hospital at Westmead

2008 Dean's Prize Second Place

Sophie Shu Yi Han - Tandem affinity purification to identify novel IGFBP-3-interacting proteins with the potential to influence cancer
Supervisor: Dr Steve Grkovic, Growth Group, Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Elicia Rodas - The synthetic antioxidant bisphenol protects kidney epithelial cells from myoglobin toxicity
Supervisor: Dr Paul Witting, ANZAC Research Institute

2007 Dean's Prize Winner

Min Zhi Xing - The role of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in liver cancer
Supervisors: Dr Nicholas Shackel and Dr Susan McLennan, Sydney Cancer Centre

2007 Dean's Prize Second Place

Stephanie Hing - Development of a novel model for the study of prostate progenitor cells
Supervisor: Dr Qihan Dong, Central Clinical School