Summer Research student profile

Matthew Lyle
Bachelor of Science (Advanced), University of Sydney

Matthew Lyle

Matthew Lyle, a second year Bachelor of Science (Adv) student at the University of Sydney completed his Summer Research project at the ANZAC Research Institute, the only major biomedical research institute in NSW to focus on ageing. He was one of nine students shortlisted for the Dean’s Prize in March this year.

Matthew’s Summer Research project - 'Estrogenic induction of spermatogenesis in the gonadotrophin deficient hypogonadal (hpg) male mouse' - involved inducing spermatogenesis in a naturally occurring strain of infertile mice using a variety of hormones including estrogen and testosterone. The project revealed the quick response in which fertility and virility may be potentially recovered in infertile patients through hormone treatment. Understanding how hormones interact in the testes is also vital in the development of a male contraceptive, which is making exciting progress.

"You can only learn so much from reading papers and doing class labs – the scheme gave me an understanding of what research is like in the real world, providing the unique opportunity to work in real laboratories with real scientists with state of the art equipment.

"I realised through this project that research is about taking our understanding to a new level and expanding the existing knowledge. It isn’t about finding immediate solutions to the big questions,” says Matthew, "rather it’s about doing your part answering the little questions then collaborating with everyone around the world, completing the puzzle so that the big questions can be answered."

"The Summer Research Scholarship scheme is so unique because in many cases what you’re doing and seeing is the first time anyone’s ever done it, it really is the frontier of medical research – I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a future in science or research."