Postgraduate research students

Student testimonials


"My project is based on finding new biomarkers of prostate cancer, so I am specifically looking at cell surface biomarkers on white blood cells, taken from prostate cancer patients. I always wanted to do a PhD in cancer research, and when I came across my supervisor Professor Cristosbal Remedios, he had this great project available."

Vicki - PhD in Medicine - Cell Biomarkers


"The basis of all medical research, we try to find the underlying cause to a disease, and once we find the cause it helps to find a target to try and find a treatment or a cure. My research is based on sepsis or infection of the blood. We model this condition based on monocytes, which are white blood cells and we measure how they clear infectious pathogens in the body."

Beryl, PhD in Medicine - Sepsis


"I've learned an incredible amount about the brain through my studies and have been able to apply this understanding to help solve a number of mysteries that surround common yet devastating disorders such as Parkinson's disease."

James, PhD in Medicine - Neuroscience


"My research is in improving maternal and child health, escpecially nutritional health. My research is focussed on using mobile phone technology, where the usage is increasing in Myanmar. I believe that my research will be the first of its type in Myanmar. Apart from my research, this is a great opportunity to broaden my horizons. There are lots of opportunities for networking and learning, like the Sydney Ideas and the other seminars, which I love to attend. I am part of the University of Sydney now."

Myet, PhD in Public Health


"I really decided I liked research after I did my honours at Sydney University. This project came up and I met my supervisor Hayden and he made it sound absolutely fantastic, and it has turned out to be that way. Dr Hayden Allbutt is a fantastic supervisor."

Courtney, PhD in Medicine - Parkinsons Disease