Chronic Disease and Ageing Research Theme Conferences

Research Theme Day, April 2011

The first Chronic Disease and Ageing research theme day was held on 13 April 2011. Presentations were made by its participants, spanning disciplines and specialisations across medicine, nursing and midwifery; physiotherapy; occupational therapy; pharmacy; sociology and basic laboratory science.

Participants had diverse expertise in qualitative and quantitative data handling, large-scale randomised controlled trials and cohort studies, frailty, translational work, policy, indigenous health, complex interventions, patient centred research and basic science.

The attendees consisted of a highly skilled research community who demonstrated clear enthusiasm to network, meet again and consider more extensive collaboration.

An overview of the day’s proceedings can be found here (pdf).

Presentations from the day included:

Research Theme Day, November 2011

The aim of the afternoon was to shape the direction of the research theme for the future. The session heard from Professor Graham Mann, Chair of the Research Committee, who presented an overview of the development of the Cancer network. Cathie Sherrington, David Hunter and Megan Passey talked about unusual funding avenues and past research success, followed by two parallel workshops, one on chronicity and the other on frailty. A group discussion on future directions for the theme closed the meeting.

This date was chosen to dovetail into the guest lecture presented by Professor Robert Beaglehole, (Public Health, WHO) organised by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy. Professor Beaglehole joined us for the final discussion.

An overview of the day’s proceedings can be found here (pdf).

David Hunter’s presentation can be downloaded here (ppt download).