The Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA)

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Introduction to CERA


Electron miscroscope showing internal structure of liver tissue from an adult mouse

The Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) is Australia’s premier academic organization for the study of ageing and age-related diseases. Through innovative and multidisciplinary research, CERA aims to expand and share knowledge of human ageing, so that the health and quality of life of older people can be improved.

Our research is achieved through a broad program that incorporates clinical, laboratory, epidemiological and health service evaluation approaches. Allied to this are education programs, at basic and advanced levels of practice, in geriatric medicine and other education programs for aged care workers from a range of professional settings.

CERA is a joint facility of the University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School and Concord Repatriation General Hospital, a teaching hospital within Sydney Local Health Network. CERA is located at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, in the inner west of Sydney, Australia.


CERA's aim is to expand and share knowledge of human ageing through collaborative, multidisciplinary research and education with the purposes of:

  • promoting healthy ageing
  • minimising the impact of disease and disability on older people
  • improving the quality of life of our older population


  • To be the national leader in, and internationally recognized for, ageing research
  • To undertake and promote multidisciplinary research that will lead to improvement in the quality of life of older people
  • To provide quality education in ageing from the undergraduate to professional levels
  • To contribute to health services for older people through evidence-based practices and application of research advances
  • To promote ageing in the broader community and provide advocacy for the needs of older people

CERA's major research areas

Biogerontology: ageing biology and the ageing liver

Research into ageing biology, the liver and liver endothelium and developing novel therapies to prevent age-related hyperlipidemia.
Contact: Professor David Le Couteur, Senior Lecturer Victoria Cogger

Epidemiology of Ageing

Projects include: Epidemiological studies of falls, osteoporosis and polypharmacy and the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP).
Contact: Professor Robert Cumming, Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan

Pharmacological Research - improved prescribing in older people

Research into ageing and medication disposition and the development of strategies to improve prescribing in older people
Contact: , Professor David Le Couteur, Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan

Clinical Geriatric Medical Research

The emphasis of this research is to develop strategies and therapies to improve the quality of life and health of older people. The research covers an extensive range of methodologies from basic biological research, clinical research, epidemiology, health services and social science. The major current research project is CONFABS (Concord Falls and Bone Service) study, a randomized clinical trial designed to assess the effectiveness of a specialist service providing targeted fall prevention interventions to older people.
Contact: Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan,

Geriatric Dentistry Research

The major emphasis of this research is the investigation and identification of ways to maintain the oral health of older Australians.
Contact: Professor Clive Wright

Education Program

The teaching of Geriatric Medicine and associated disciplines within the University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School continues to be one of CERA's core programs. Opportunities are available in a range of disciplines for Honours, Masters and PhD in all of CERA's Research areas. The training facilities on the Concord Hospital Campus range from laboratory-based research through applied clinical research to epidemiology and population-based studies.