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December 2013
ARCHER featured in the Dubbo Daily Liberal. Read more about the Need for funds to continue research into adolescents.

Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Seminars

The ARCHER Study investigators are keen to share information on adolescent health and wellbeing through a series of seminars for professionals and the public in Dubbo, Orange and the surrounding areas. We are pleased to have completed to date eight seminars in our series on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing.

Previous Seminar details:

June 2015
Presented by Professor Kate Steinbeck & Associate Professor Catherine Hawke and Karen Paxton
ARCHER Past, Present and Future.
Video of Kate Steinbeck's Presentation: Results to Date
Video of Karen Paxton's Presentation: Likes, Dislikes & Concerns

June 2014
Presented by Professor Kate Steinbeck
ARCHER Question and Answer sessions.

October 2013
Presented by A/Professor Rachel Skinner.
Teenagers, sex and social media. Should we be concerned?
Presentation Handout
Video of Presentation

May 2013
Presented by Professor Rebecca Ivers
The prevention of transport related injuries in young people?

May 2012
Presented by Professor Andrew Martin
Boosting students' motivation, engagement and academic resilience.

October 2011
Presented by Professor Philip Hazell.
The pointy end of teenage behaviour problems- conduct disorder and ADHD
Presented by Dr Jean Starling
Puberty Blues: an approach to depression, anxiety and self harm in teenagers

August 2011
Presented by Professor David Bennett.
Adolescent development and behaviour: What's normal and when to worry?
Adolescent Development & Behaviour Handout

July 2011
Presented by Professor Kate Steinbeck.
Hormones and Your Teenager Handout