University Student Projects

THE ARCHER Study team are keen to facilitate University of Sydney student’s involvement from a variety of disciplines. If you are interested in being involved either in short or of long term projects involving either data collection or analysis please contact us or visit the Research Supervisor Connect Page.

Students in the past have been involved in:

  • Literature searches used in manuscript preparation and grant application.
  • Assisting in drafting sections of a manuscript.
  • Formatting data into tables and graphs for publication.
  • And depending on prior experience some data analysis.
Sydney Medical School - Present Students
  • Ban Balzer
  • Anna Lawless
  • Henry Guo
  • Olivia Watson
  • Matthew D’Arcy
Sydney Medical School - Past Students
  • Leah Kim
    Christine Jia-Yuan Lim
    Nicole Smith
  • Kristy-Lee Fields - Concordance between objective and subjective sleep methodologies in an adolescent cohort: A longitudinal study.
  • Rebecca Maddox - A Longitudinal study of sleep patterns in Mid-adolescence
  • Monica Chew
  • Michelle White
  • Seung Baek
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Present Students
  • Mary James
  • Danielle Johnson
  • Jessica Holmes (Honours)
2014 Summer Scholarship recipient
  • Gregory Martin - School of Psychology