The School of Rural Health welcomes applications for electives at their Dubbo Campus from international and Australian medical students who are in their final or penultimate year of study.

Applications will be considered on the basis of:

  • your previous training; and
  • the capacity of the School of Rural Health and its affiliated health services to accept you.


Electives may be undertaken:

  • between end of September and end of February; and
  • for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. A limited number of places may be available outside September to March period in negotiation with the Elective Coordinator.

We do not accept students who have arranged other electives in Australia if the combined attachments exceed 8 weeks.


Clinical School Fee (non refundable
A$800.00 for an elective of up to 4 weeks*
A$1000.00 for an elective of 4 to 8 weeks* These payments can only be accepted in cash.
* These fees do not apply to medical students of Australian Universities

Centre for Continuing Education (non refundable)
* This fee applies to all medical students

Medical Disciplines

Electives are available in the following medical disciplines:

  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery

Limited spaces with Paediatrics

Limited spaces with Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Electives of four or more weeks may be split between a number of medical disciplines.

Please note: surgical theatres close over the Christmas holiday season, except for emergencies.


Elective students are allocated two supervisors at the location where they undertake their program:

  • an Academic Supervisor, who is attached to the School of Rural Health; and
  • a Clinical Supervisor, who is a practitioner in the medical discipline in which the elective program is undertaken.

Rights & Responsibilities

We will not sign the forms sometimes provided by students certifying that they have "the same rights and responsibilities" as students from this University. However, we will certify that elective students’ have "the same clinical rights and responsibilities as local students".

Elective students will not attend small group learning sessions that are part of Sydney Medical Program, although they may spend time with our students on the wards and at lectures.

Elective students will receive internet access for email but will not have access to the Sydney Medical Education Network unless they are a student of our University.

During their elective program, students may not take a leave of absence without the permission of their Academic Supervisor.

At the end of their elective and before they depart the School of Rural Health, all students must provide their Academic Supervisor with an evaluation form that has been completed and signed by their Clinical Supervisor.


Elective students will be housed in the School of Rural Health student accommodation in four or five bedroom houses. Overseas elective students will be provided with bedding and linen; Australian students are asked to bring their own doona, sheets, towels, pillows, coat hangers. Accommodation is self catered.