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Applying to 'go rural'
Vaccinations & Clearances

Applying to 'go rural'

Can I visit the School of Rural Health before I apply?
Each year, we run a Discovery Bus Tour for Stage 2 Australian students enrolled at Sydney Medical School; to give them an opportunity to visit our campuses, talk to staff and current students, and get a feel for the towns.

When do I volunteer for my Rural Clinical Year at the School of Rural Health?
Stage 2 Sydney Medical School students are able to apply after the Discovery Bus Tour. A notice will be posted on the Medical Program Bulletin Board, asking all Australian students to indicate whether they wish to attend the School of Rural Health.

If you apply, you will need to indicate which campus and which attendance option you prefer.

Stage 1 Sydney Medical School students are not eligible to apply for SRH.

What are the School of Rural Health's attendance options?
Australian students enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program are eligible to attend SRH for a Rural Clinical Year. Students attend SRH during Stage 3 for either:

  • Terms A, B, C and D; OR
  • Terms E, G, H and I.

What happens if requests for campuses or attendance options are uneven?
Students may be asked to move to another group but this will be discussed with SRH as enrolments are finalised.

I'm enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program as an international student, can I study at the School of Rural Health?
Not for the standard 32 weeks that make up a Rural Clinical Year.

You may be able to undertake an Elective at the School of Rural Health but you would be responsible for any associated costs.

Vaccinations & Clearances

What do I do about vaccinations?
All students need to forward certified copies of their vaccination and serology records to SRH. A person of good standing may certify the copies (eg lawyer, doctor, professor, tutor).

Vaccination records will be checked by the Greater Western Area Health Service Risk Management Unit (GWAHS RMU). If the records are in order, GWAHS RMU will issue a compliance letter to the student that will be sent to SRH. If the records are incomplete the student will be contacted.

Students WILL NOT be able to attend any hospitals in the GWAHS region unless they have a compliance letter from GWAHS RMU.

Do I need to bring my Clinical Placement Authority card with me?
Yes. If your Clinical Placement Authority has not been sighted by SRH staff, you will not be able to attend any hospitals in our region.

You should always have your Clinical Placement Authority card on your person when you are on clinical placement.

What if I have lost my Clinical Placement Authority card?
You will need to request a replacement card from NSW Health and pay the relevant fee.

Information on requesting a replacement card is available from the NSW Health website.


Can I bring my partner/family?
Students may elect to bring partners or families but please be aware that the School does not provide family accommodation and there is only limited accommodation for medical student couples.

Can I bring my pet?


Who pays for student travel and how are payments made?
Please read the details on the Policies page of this website.

How long does it take to receive travel allowances once forms have been submitted to the University?
Payments are usually made within 30 days.

During my Rural Clinical Year, can I return to my home for weekends and holidays?
Students are encouraged to spend as much time as possible at their rural location and to get to know the area well. However, you are at the School of Rural Health for long enough to provide opportunities to return home for weekends and holidays. SRH will not reimburse students for personal travel.