Sydney Medical School, Sydney Adventist Hospital

The Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School of The University of Sydney was officially opened in 2011 and is the first Clinical School based in a private hospital in New South Wales. Uniquely, Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School is an inter-professional, multidisciplinary school offering clinical training placements for medical, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and other allied health profession students.

The principal site is Sydney Adventist Hospital (the “San”), an over 550-bed not-for-profit private hospital, with the resources and expertise to manage the full range of acute and elective surgery and a broad caseload of acute and subacute medical patients. Sydney Adventist Hospital is the largest private hospital and largest not-for-profit hospital in New South Wales. The San has a comprehensive Emergency Department, an Intensive Care Unit, an Ophthalmology Unit and full diagnostic facilities. The Adventist HealthCare group also oversee SAN Day Surgery Hornsby and the Sydney Haematology and Oncology Centre at Hornsby, which incorporates a Clinical Trails Unit in addition to Dalcross Adventist Hospital, an additional 51 bed acute hospital, a forerunner in neurosurgery, spinal, vascular & ophthalmology.