Welcome from the Associate Dean

John Watson

Professor John Watson

We are delighted to welcome you to The Sydney Medical School, and in particular to The Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School.

As Associate Dean and Head of the School, my aim is to build on all my experiences and the experiences of my colleagues, to remember the best teaching I had, to channel their enthusiasm, to recall the experts who could give a lecture or a tutorial and at the same time tell a great story and weave a spell. We want to give all our students more than an average share of what might be called "wow, I get it" moments!

If we succeed somewhere in 20 years you will be acknowledged leaders in your fields, whether these be clinical or pre clinical, primary care or specialty practice, clinical research, or public health leadership, big data experts, national or international.

I welcome you to our Clinical School family. Be eager and enthusiastic, learn well, work hard and have some fun!

Professor John Watson
Associate Dean and Head of School
Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School