Welcome from the head of Clinical School


Associate Professor T. Michael Hughes

Welcome to the Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School (SAHCS), a centre for education and research in the setting of New South Wales’ largest private hospital. The Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) is also known as ‘the San’. This is an abbreviation for Sanitarium as the Hospital had been the Sydney Sanitarium, signifying a health institution that promotes health and wellness. This has not changed in over 100 years.

SAH has over 500 acute care beds and an on-site rehabilitation facility. The hospital offers an extensive range of medical services, often with cutting edge technology and innovative practice. It is a not for profit organisation, meaning that any profit is reinvested in improving services. The outstanding feature of SAH is the overwhelming sense of caring that permeates every facet of the institution.

As Head of Clinical School my aim is to ensure students receive the best clinical education possible. Much of the teaching is done by highly experienced clinicians, more often than not specialists. This does make the SAHCS quite unique. It is interesting to note that most medicine in Australia is practised in a private setting yet most teaching is conducted in public hospitals.

A definite requirement of good medicine is to always ask ‘Can we do better?’ and ‘How can we do better?’. These questions are best answered in an academic environment that encourages learning for all and has medical research as part of day to day life. We are extremely fortunate as doctors and educators at SAH to have an organisation that strongly supports the pursuit of these fundamental questions.

One of the most rewarding and exciting things about a career in medicine and health is that there are so many pathways to travel. At SAHCS we aim to show students as many of those pathways as possible and most of all, whatever pathway that is travelled, to make sure we have helped shape a highly competent, compassionate and ethical medical professional.

Associate Professor T. Michael Hughes
Head of Clinical School
Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School