Westmead Clinical School

Since its establishment in 1978, the Westmead Clinical School at Westmead Hospital has been a place of innovation and growth. The Westmead Clinical School serves the largest area and population of any of the University of Sydney's clinical schools and has a patient population of approximately 1.1 million. The great number and diversity of people within the Sydney West Area serves to enrich medical student training and experience. Students who choose to study at Westmead can expect to graduate with an extremely well-rounded experience, secure in their clinical abilities.

During the first two years students are generally based on main campus. First year and second year students spend two days per week here at Westmead Hospital participating in bedside and classroom tutorials delivered by consultants, academics, registrars and residents. First year students engage in basic clinical sciences session in labs, attend haematology clinics, and radiology lectures, procedural skills, and workshop scenarios. Second year students engage in activities including OSCEs, Scorpios, PBL tutorials, Hospice and Emergency Department visits as well as tutorials held at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Students in years three and four commence full-time interspersed clinical attachments during the week, concluding with a full day of lectures and additional teaching sessions each Friday. Year three and four attachments include core terms for medicine, surgery and critical care, with specialty terms in Perinatal & Womens’ Health, Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Health and Community (GPO) which can be either in a rural or local practice. At the end of Year 3, students complete an elective placement, which can include local or overseas placements.

The majority of hospital teaching is provided by clinical teams or affiliates of the School who are acknowledged through the conferring of Academic Titles rather than remuneration.

Fast Facts

  • Westmead Clinical School has over 300 students per year.
  • Westmead Hospital is a 925 bed, specialised referral hospital offering clinical training to medical and dental students of the University of Sydney. It also offers training to paramedical students of the Cumberland College of Health Sciences and to nurses of the School of Nursing.
  • Westmead Hospital has a full range of acute and elective surgery and a broad caseload medical patients, a comprehensive and world renown Emergency Department, a state of the art ICU, and an Ophthalmology Unit.
  • Westmead Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Centre for Greater Western Sydney, with over 3,200 admissions annually. The hospital is also a base for the Careflight Retrieval Service.
  • Situated 2 km west of Parramatta, Westmead Hospital is located almost at the exact geographical centre of Sydney.
  • About one third of all the people in Sydney and about eight per cent of the entire Australian population live within the boundaries of the Sydney West Area Health Service.
  • The proximity of Westmead Clinical School to the Children’s Hospital Westmead has enabled students to form mentoring and research relationships in Pediatric settings.
  • Westmead Clinical School is active in organising extra curricula teaching in the Emergency Department through the student lead Emergency Medicine Interest Group.
  • The Westmead Student Surgical Association is another strong leader in teaching with ongoing support from interested and engaged surgeons.
  • Westmead Clinical School medical students have the unique opportunity to attend Westmead Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and Blacktown Hospital for specific rotations during the learning experience.
  • Westmead Clinical School provides a sound educational and professional experience for students within an authentic context. We are proud of our student’s success and continued engagement with Westmead after graduation.

Student experience

“We see about 64,000 adult patients per year here at Westmead Hospital. If you combine the adult and the Children’s hospital it’s over 110,000 patients per year. About 40 percent of the patients admitted to Westmead Hospital come through the emergency department so it’s a very busy, hi acute and high demand environment which is very good for learning for medical students.”
Doctor Andrew Coggins, Clinical Lecturer, Emergency Medicine.


Where is Westmead Clinical School located and how do I get there?

Westmead Clinical School is located in the Clinical Sciences Corridors of the Westmead Hospital campus. Westmead Hospital is located close to Parramatta CBD in Western Sydney.

Westmead Hospital can be reached by train from the centre of Sydney, and is a very short walk from Westmead railway station.

All-day parking is available on-site at a reduced rate and parking may also be found on surrounding streets.

We encourage car-pooling amongst our students or public transport to avoid the frustration of finding appropriate parking.

If you want more information on the Westmead Clinical School, follow the link to their website.