Research overview

The Discipline of Sleep Medicine brings together researchers from diverse disciplines across Sydney Medical School.

Research facilities are available on the main campus and within the clinical schools, as well as affiliated research centres and institutes.

Areas of research

A diverse range of research programs cover the following themes:

* Neurobiology of sleep
* Chronobiology
* Adult and paediatric sleep & breathing disorders – mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment
* Clinical sleep medicine
* Behavioural sleep medicine
* Neuropsychology and psychiatric aspects of sleep
* Endocrine / metabolic / cardiovascular aspects of sleep
* Epidemiology of sleep loss and sleep disorders
* Shiftwork / workplace safety / fatigue
* Driver fatigue
* Sleep in pregnancy
* Primary care roles in sleep health
* Dental sleep medicine
* Sleep pharmacology and quality use of medications in sleep
* Medicolegal aspects of sleep disorders