Research Opportunities

The following research projects were available as at 28/05/2011. Please contact the supervisor to confirm its availability. See below for "Type" and "Location" codes.

Project Title/Topic  Type  Location Supervisor Contact
The effects of napping on memory consolidation in mild cognitive impairment  M/P  BMRI Sharon Naismith
How do changes in sleep architecture relate to underlying brain changes in early Alzheimer’s
 M/P  BMRI Sharon Naismith
Circadian predictors of antidepressant response in major depression  M/P  BMRI Sharon Naismith
The relationship between sleep disturbance and cognitive decline in older ‘at risk’ adults  H/M/P  BMRI Sharon Naismith
Sleep and driving performance in older adults with early neurodegenerative disease  H  BMRI Sharon Naismith
Diagnosing pre-clinical Parkinson’s Disease: an analysis of REM sleep behaviour disorder  M/P  BMRI Simon Lewis
The relationship between sleep architecture and neuropsychiatric symptoms in Parkinson’s
 M/P  BMRI Simon Lewis
Power spectral analysis of sleep and its association with cognitive decline in
neurodegenerative disease
 M/P  BMRI Simon Lewis
Multimodal phenotyping for the prediction of oral appliance treatment outcome in
obstructive sleep apnoea
 M/P  RNSH Peter Cistulli
Effect of incremental mandibular advancement on upper airway collapsibility during sleep
in obstructive sleep apnoea
 M/P  RNSH Peter Cistulli
Can baseline polysomnographic (sleep study) variables predict oral appliance treatment
outcome in OSA?
 S  RNSH Kate Sutherland
A study of long-term adherence to oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea  H  RNSH Kate Sutherland
Sleep in Pregnancy  M/P  USYD Colin Sullivan
Vascular endothelial function in sleep disordered breathing: snoring, tissue vibration and
carotid atherosclerosis
 M/P  WMD Terence Amis
Retinal Microvascular Disease in Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: A Mechanism for
Increased Stroke Risk
 M/P  WMD John Wheatley
 Upper airway mucosal folding-role in upper airway patency  M/P  WMD Kristina Kairaitis  kristina_kairaitis@wmi.
Evaluation of Pre-operative CPAP in paediatric OSA  M/P  WCH Karen Waters
Screening for Day Stay adenotonsillectomy  H/M  WCH Karen Waters
Proteomic studies of the upper-airway in paediatric OSA  M/P  USYD Karen Waters
Can Armodafinil improve neurobehavioural and quality of life outcomes in patients with
obstructive sleep apnea (Project ID ARMOD)
 M/P  WCK Ron Grunstein
Treatment effectiveness of creatine supplementation to improve neurobehavioural
performance in obstructive sleep apnea (Project ID CREAT)
 H/M  WCK Ron Grunstein
Effects of testosterone therapy on wake brain activity in patients with obstructive sleep
apnea (Project ID TES T01)
 S/H  WCK Peter Liu
Effects of short-term CP AP withdrawal on changes in brain activity during a driving
simulator task in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (Project ID CPAPWD)
 S/H  WCK Ron Grunstein
 Neurobiological Effects of Sleep Apnoea and Sleepiness: Examination of time on task
electroencephalographic (EE G) data on AusEd simulator from cross-sectional study (Project
 S/H  WCK Ron Grunstein
Blinding questionnaires (staff and patients) qualitative analysis (Project ID PPL /1)  S/H  WCK Craig Phillips
The role of catchup sleep in improving performance and metabolic health (Project ID
Catchup Sleep)
 M/P  WCK Peter Liu

Type of Project: Summer Research Project (S); Honours (H); Masters (M); PhD (P)

Location: Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI); Centre for Sleep Health & Research, Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH); University of Sydney (USYD ); Ludwig Engel Centre for Respiratory Research, The Westmead Institute, Westmead (WMD ); The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network at Westmead (WCH); Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (WCK)