Exercise intervention trial


Believe it or not, humans were made to be hunters. This means our hearts strongly long for exercise, our joints crave for movement, and our brain that controls all internal functions is at its ultimate when we live an active lifestyle.

The benefits of exercise are numerous and the body of evidence to support exercise in all age groups is continuing to grow. Apart from the popular physical fitness and strength, heart health and weight loss benefits commonly spoken about, exercise have a role to play in many more arenas. A number of studies have suggested the important role exercise plays in:

  • improving our ability to make decisions and solve complex issues
  • improving our quality of sleep thereby being more refreshed throughout the day
  • decreasing stress and tension via the release of endorphin hormone
  • addressing postural concerns
  • improving postural awareness
  • prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, sports injuries and many more.

Clinically, our team has also seen the improvement in sound quality and production when postural problems were addressed, as well as preventing potential injuries by improving postural awareness.

Last but not least, our bodies are made with fantastic adaptability. With specific training, health exercise professionals can tailor programs to suit any of the benefits mentioned above. Therefore, we would like to offer you exercise and postural training classes at no charge, and at minimal inconvenience to you because we will be coming to your rehearsal venue. All you have to do is come along and enjoy your time and benefits!

Why are we doing this? Information collected in the last 30 years has revealed common injuries and problem areas experienced by professional musicians. Medical research in the area of treating these common injuries and targeting these problem areas in professional musicians are still not well understood. Therefore, our goal is to help prevent these problems and find effective ways to treat professional musicians.