Injury Surveillance

Injury surveillance – the critical tool in identifying exposures that cause injury.

There is anecdotal evidence that orchestral musicians commonly sustain pain or injury related to orchestral activities. However, there is very little objective evidence about this. The number, rate and type of these problems are not well known, and there is even less objective information about the risk factors for them. This information is crucial to focussing attention on the scope of the problem, prioritising problems for intervention, and designing the interventions that seem most likely to be effective.

Surveys are open to all orchestral musicians to get as good an indication as possible of how you are managing in relation to workload and other factors. We would like to collect information from as many musicians as possible for approximately every four weeks. The collection is aimed to last for 12 to 18 months, so that we have enough information to provide a comprehensive description of the disorders and to gain a good insight into the most prominent risk factors.