Other project team members

Cliffton Chan

Cliffton Chan

Cliffton graduated from the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Class I Honours), as well as a Graduate Diploma in Music (Instrumental Pedagogy) at The University of Queensland. He has gained a wide range of experience in orthopaedics, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Queensland Health. Apart from being a qualified Pilates instructor, Cliffton has a strong interest in exercise rehabilitation and fitness training.

He is currently undertaking a doctoral degree at The University of Sydney to combine his passions in music performance and physiotherapy with Dr Bronwen Ackermann. His main research area is in injury reduction and rehabilitation of professional orchestral musicians.

To keep his sanity, Cliffton enjoys playing the violin. He has played for the Queensland Youth Orchestras, University of Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra. With his recent move to Sydney for this project, he continues playing for small gigs and weddings, and jams with a contemporary church band.

Donna McDaniel

Donna McDaniel

Donna McDaniel joins the Sound Practice team as Project Manager. She has had a long and varied corporate career supporting high level management in large corporate companies and as a consultant on projects in small and medium level businesses. Donna joined the University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences in 2007 working with the ARC/NHMRC Research Network in Ageing Well project and ARC Ageing Baby Boomers in Australia (ABBA) Linkage project and their national and international collaborative partners.

As a young girl Donna also played classical guitar and today can strum out a few bars now and then to entertain her children but never in public, much preferring to enjoy a variety of different types of music and instruments from afar!

Donna brings with her a wealth of administrative and project knowledge adding her flair for organisation and practical day to day management to the project.

She hopes to be a positive contribution to the overall success of Sound Practice.

Ian O'Brien

Ian O

Ian O’Brien
MPhil(Mus); BMus(Hons);
Dip Aud. Eng.;

Ian has been a professional musician for twenty years and is currently a principal French horn player with The Queensland Symphony Orchestra.
Ian began researching excessive noise exposure in orchestras in the late 1990’s and in 2004 devised Australia’s first comprehensive hearing conservation strategy for a professional orchestra, which has since become a template for orchestras in Australia and New Zealand. Ian has completed a Masters of Philosophy and a Masters in Clinical Audiology and has published widely in the field. In 2012 Ian was awarded the Certificate of Clinical Practice in Audiology and practices audiology part-time, specialising in hearing conservation for musicians and the rehabilitation of musicians with hearing issues.
Ian joined A Sound Practice in August 2011 where he continues to research noise exposure and hearing conservation amongst orchestral musicians.