Adult and Developing Visual System Group

Lab head: Bogdan Dreher
Location: Anderson Stuart Building, Camperdown Campus

Research conducted by this laboratory is concerned with the structural and functional aspects of the developing and mature mammalian visual system, including:

  • The organisation of the striate and extra-striate cortices (where the processing of retinal input by the brain begins), with particular emphasis on the interaction between different information channels within this region.
  • The role of 'feedback' projections from the 'higher-order' extra-striate visual areas to 'lower-order' visual areas (including the primary visual cortices and subcortical visual nuclei).
  • The extent, time-course and mechanisms of cortical reorganisation following retinal injury in adolescent and adult mammals.

Lab members: B Dreher (head)

Functional organisation of the visual system

Primary supervisor: Bogdan Dreher

Work in our lab focuses on:

  1. The role of the so-called "feedback" projections from the "higher-order" visual cortical areas to the "lower-order" visual areas (including the primary visual cortices) and subcortical visual nuclei and
  2. The spatial extent and mechanisms underlying the reorganization of visual cortices following circumscribed lesions of the retina in adult or adolescent mammals.

We approach these problems using physiological techniques, in particular, studying the receptive field ( both "classical" and "extra-classical") properties of single neurones in a given area: selective, reversible inactivation of different visual cortical areas; cross-correlation analysis of discharges of individual cells located in a given area or in the neighbouring areas.

Discipline: Anatomy & Histology