Epithelial Transport Laboratory

Lab head: David Cook
Location: Medical Foundation Building

This laboratory investigates the transport processes in the cell membrane and the manner in which cells control their membrane transport activity.  Particular emphasis has been placed on the mechanisms of sodium ion channel regulation and calcium signalling in epithelial cells.

Current research:

  • The mechanisms by which epithelial sodium (Na+) channels are controlled

  • The control of Na+/H+ exchange in epithelial cells

  • The mechanisms by which ion transport systems are controlled

  • The development of replication-deficient adenoviruses as a tool in studying the role of membrane transport systems in cellular function

Lab members: D Cook (head)

Investigation of the role of sodium-bicarbonate cotransport in early embryonic development

Primary supervisor: David Cook

This project will be jointly supervised by with Margot Day. It will use RT-PCR, western blotting and cytosolic pH measurements with the pH sensitive dye BCECF and will determine which isoforms of the sodium-bicarbonate cotransporter are present in pre-implantation mouse embryos and whether they play a role in regulation of cytosolic pH.

Discipline: Physiology
Co-supervisors: Margot Day