Respiratory Research Group

Lab head: Dr Janette Burgess
Location: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

The Role of Fibulin 1 in Airway Fibrosis

Primary supervisor: Janette Burgess

Recently we have identified a component of the ECM, fibulin-1 which may play a critical role in airway wall remodelling.  We now hypothesise that this protein is responsible for the fibrotic component of many lung diseases and therefore represents a target for therapeutic intervention. Accumulating in vivo and in vitro evidence shows that corticosteroids are ineffective in reversing or preventing fibrosis.  Since fibulin-1 may play a crucial role in the development of airway fibrosis and aberrant wound repair, then finding ways of inhibiting its deposition or effects has the potential for development of novel therapies for fibrotic diseases.

TECHNIQUES: tissue culture, ELISAs, immuno and histochemistry and confocal microscopy, real time PCR and signal transduction analysis.

Discipline: Pharmacology
Co-supervisors: Judy Black
Keywords: Immunology, Lung diseases, Fibrosis