Motor Neuron Disease Research Laboratory

Lab head: Roger Pamphlett
Location: Blackburn Building, Camperdown

The aim of the Motor Neuron Disease Research Group is to find the causes of motor neuron disease (MND), a disease that kills one Australian every day. MND causes progressive muscle weakness in adults, and leads to death about three years after diagnosis. No effective treatment is available. In 90% of cases MND affects only one member of a family. We are investigating a number of possible causes of MND, and have set up Australia-wide human DNA and tissue banks, and toxicolgical models, to investigate this disease.

Lab members: Roger Pamphlett (head)

Finding the causes of motor neuron disease

Primary supervisor: Roger Pamphlett

Dr Pamphlett’s research interest is finding the causes of motor neuron disease (also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). He uses a variety of epidemiological, genetic and toxicological methods in an attempt to find these causes. His current emphasis is on establishing how environmental toxins enter motor neurons selectively, and how they are able to damage the motor neurons once they enter them.

Discipline: Pathology
Keywords: Motor neuron disease, Neurodegeneration, Nervous system