Andrology laboratory

Lab head: Prof David J Handelsman
Location: ANZAC Research Institute (Concord Hospital)


Cell-specific, androgenic regulation of growth factor signalling in prostate cancer

Primary supervisor: Ulla Simanainen

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly-diagnosed malignancy after skin cancer in Australia. Male hormones (androgens) drive the prostate cancer so reducing androgen levels is the standard treatment but can’t cure the disease and causes serious side-effects. Therefore, better targeted androgen withdrawal to prostate cancers is needed.

We utilize unique mouse models for experiments not feasible in humans to learn how androgens act and can be better targeted to improve treatments. The projects will combine a novel prostate epithelia specific androgen receptor knockout mouse model (Cre/loxP system) with the experimental prostate cancer model (inactivation of PTEN tumor suppressor; Cre/loxP).

The specific aims are 1) To identify mechanism of stromal AR mediated drive on hormone actions within the prostate and 2) To determine the role of stromal AR mediated hormonal actions in initiation and progression of experimental prostate cancer. The Honours students will get experience in mouse models, techniques of molecular biology (qRT-PCR), cell biology (histology/immunohistochemistry) and biochemistry (hormone assays).

Discipline: Pathology
Keywords: Prostate, Cancer, Andrology