Dr Jaimie Polson, Prof. Roger Dampney, A/Prof Ann Goodchild

Lab head: Dr Jaimie Polson
Location: Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory, Level 6, Anderson Stuart Bldg


Programmed hypertension: does gestational exposure to high steroid alter the effect of high salt diet on cardiovascular autonomic function?

Primary supervisor: Jaimie Polson

This project, to be supervised by Dr Jaimie Polson, will focus on how in utero stressors can play a role in the development of hypertension in later life.  It is well known that stressors during pregnancy, such as poor nutrition, affect the development of the foetus and predispose the offspring to hypertension and other diseases in later life.  This project will use radiotelemetry recording of blood pressure to determine whether the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system responses to a high salt diet are heightened in offspring that were subjected to raised levels of glucocorticoid during gestation.

Discipline: Biomedical Sciences
Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, Neurosciences, Hypertension