Andrology laboratory

Lab head: Prof David J Handelsman
Location: ANZAC Research Institute (Concord Hospital)


Androgens and skin cancer

Primary supervisor: Ulla Simanainen

Objectives:To characterize the role of androgens via AR in experimental skin cancer.

Background: Skin cancers account for majority of all newly diagnosed cancers, and are the most expensive cancers for the society. Men are three times more likely than women to develop non-melanoma skin cancers. The exact mechanisms for the gender differences in skin cancer susceptibility are not well understood, but the role of steroid hormones is expected.

Using the androgen insensitive, androgen receptor (AR) knockout mouse model (generated using Cre/LoxP system) we recently demonstrated that while the males are more susceptible to carcinogen induced skin cancers, the AR inactivation further reduced the susceptibility in both males and females. Using this mouse model, the aim of this study is to further characterize the mechanisms of AR-mediated increase in susceptibility to experimental skin cancer.


-Introduction to small animal handling and tissue collection(mouse anatomy, tissue processing).

-Basic histological techniques: Cutting and handling paraffin sections (microtome use), basic histological staining methods.

-Immunohistochemistry for detection of proliferative cells within tissue.

-Molecular biology methods: mRNA extraction, cDNA conversion to generate templates for analysis of mRNA expression levels by real-time or RT-PCR based methods.

Discipline: Pathology
Co-supervisors: Yiwei Wang
Keywords: Skin cancer, Andrology