Neuropathology Unit - Dementia, Neurodegeneration, Ageing

Lab head: Jillian Kril
Location: Blackburn Building, Camperdown

Our laboratory focuses upon understanding the effects of ageing and dementia.

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Lab members: J Kril (head)

Understanding alcohol-related brain damage

Primary supervisor: Jillian Kril

Many Australians consume alcohol in hazardous amounts and this results in selective damage to parts of the brain, especially the frontal lobes. Understanding how alcohol-related brain damage occurs at a cellular and molecular level is an important prelude to the devlopment of better prevention strategies. Using postmortem human brain tissue and molecular and histological techniques we will study the events which lead to neuronal loss in those who consume alcohol.

Discipline: Pathology
Co-supervisors: Greg Sutherland
Keywords: Neurodegeneration, Alcohol