Dr Jaimie Polson, Prof. Roger Dampney, A/Prof Ann Goodchild

Lab head: Dr Jaimie Polson
Location: Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory, Level 6, Anderson Stuart Bldg


Investigation of the central neural pathways regulating the cardiorespiratory responses to exercise

Primary supervisor: Jaimie Polson

This is a functional neuroanatomical project thats aims to dentify neurons in the brain that are activated during exercise.  The purpose is of this project is to learn about the central neural pathways that mediate the increases in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration during exercise, a field of research that is poorly understood.  Depending on the preliminary results, combining the Fos technique with neuronal tract tracing will be used to identifiy the connections of these cell groups.  This project uses neuroanatomical and histochemical techniques, microscopy and image analysis.  The experiments will be performed in rats and students will be required to undergo an animal ethics course.

Discipline: Biomedical Sciences
Keywords: Exercise physiology, Autonomic nervous system, Neurosciences