Dr Jaimie Polson, Prof. Roger Dampney, A/Prof Ann Goodchild

Lab head: Dr Jaimie Polson
Location: Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory, Level 6, Anderson Stuart Bldg


The role of maternal high fat diet on programming of central control of blood pressure.

Primary supervisor: Jaimie Polson

This project, to be supervised by Dr Jaimie Polson and Dr Kieron Rooney will focus on a high fat diet model of in utero programming. Recent studies have shown in rats that obesity during pregnancy places the offspring at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including insulin resistance and hypertension. This project will focus whether the offspring of high fat diet dams show signs of altered autonomic function at rest and/or in response to stress that may predispose them to the development of hypertension.  The project will use radiotelemetry recording of blood pressure in the conscious rat.

Discipline: Biomedical Sciences
Co-supervisors: Kieron Rooney
Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, Autonomic nervous system, Obesity & overweight