Dr Jaimie Polson, Prof. Roger Dampney, A/Prof Ann Goodchild

Lab head: Dr Jaimie Polson
Location: Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory, Level 6, Anderson Stuart Bldg


How fear regulates blood pressure, breathing and temperature

Primary supervisor: Jaimie Polson

During exercise, blood pressure and hear rate increase to allow for increased delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the exercising muscle.  Similar changes in blood pressure and heart rate occur during fear.  The hypothalamus is known to be essential in mediating these cardiovascular responses to both exercise and fear, however it is not know if the same or different neuronal groups are involved.

The aim of this project is to compare the location of neurons in the hypothalamus that are activated by exercise with those that are activated by a non-conditioned stress (or fear).  Other regions of the brain will also be examined, including the amygdala and lower brainstem.  The techniques involved will include measurement of blood pressure and heart rate during exercise and stress, histology, immunohistochemistry and microscopy.   No experience is required and all training is provided. Bring only lots of enthusiasm and the ability to work hard.

Discipline: Biomedical Sciences
Keywords: Autonomic nervous system, Stress and Anxiety, Brain