Renal Research Laboratory

Lab head: Professor Carol Pollock
Location: Kolling Institute of Medical Research

We areinterested in determining the effect of maternal programming on renal disease progression in offspring. We have interesting discoveries about the mechanisms involved andwe are currently examining a possible intervention to prevent or slow disease progression. We arekeen to get one of the student involved.

Lab members: One PostDoc, four Senior Research Fellow, 2 Research Assistants, Four PhD students and one Master Student.
Funding: Australian Research Council, NHMRC, Ramsay Foundation.
Research approach equipment: The project involves animal work. The student will have general experience in animal studies, protein and gene quantitation, histology, renal pathology and function, oxidative stress and epigenetics upon the completion of this project. Equipments required for this project are available at the Kolling Institute. All the techniques are well developed in the Department.

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The role of mitochondrial specific anti-oxidants in chronic kidney disease induced by maternal smoking

Primary supervisor: Sonia Saad

The project involves using in vitro and in vivo studies. Students will have expertise in Immunohistochemistry, protein, DNA and RNA extraction, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function upon the completion of this degree.

Discipline: Pathology
Co-supervisors: Hui Chen, Carol Pollock
Keywords: Maternal and child health, Research translation